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Independent 2 May 2010

Giovanna Cipriani is an Italian journalist whose work unearths the world’s “forgotten people”. Her “Garbage City in Cairo” series is showcased here over the next four weeks. “There are citadels in the centre of Cairo where 200.000 people live and the tourists don’t know anything about it” she says of the image above.

Orphans in Zimbabwe

In the past 2 years I focused on the “Forgotten people of the world” trying to give them a voice. This time I need your help. Ethandweni Children home in Zimbabwe, is an orphanage that takes care of 36 young orphans. It is a hard life in Zimbabwe, even harder if you are an orphan. With your help and the money raised we will give these young wonderful children a brighter future. Even 10 dollars helps. Read more

Mutilated by machete

Recent violence in South Sudan has captured the headlines, but just across the border, similar horrors have been visited upon a country hidden from the outside world. For ten deadly months, the Central African Republic has been ravaged by atrocities between Muslim Séléka rebels, who seized power last March, and Christian militias. Thousands have been killed and almost a million – a fifth of the population – driven from their homes. As the UN warns of impending genocide, The Mail on Sunday reports on a humanitarian crisis where tiny children are being targeted by vigilante mobs.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2533828/Mutilated-machete-tragic-orphans-Africas-forgotten-war-A-truly-harrowing-dispatch-worlds-new-Heart-Darkness.html#ixzz2qGsed0Ik