Giovanna Cipriani is a professional freelance Journalist living between New York and  Venice. Giovanna was born in Venice. It was there that she developed her first love of photography, rowing in the lagoon at sunset. For her 13th birthday, her father gave her a Canon AT1 as a present. Since then and throughout the years, she has always kept her eye on the camera. After graduating from the Law School of Bologna, she became fascinated by journalism. She  decided to continue her studies as a journalist and received her degree in 1992. After passing her journalism bar she was hired by the Italian National Television Network, Rai TV, as a correspondent.

Since 1995, she has covered all major conflicts and has created a series of documentaries, winning awards internationally: Kabul from Dawn to Dusk, Palermo Children in and out of Jail, The Gulf War Syndrome are among the titles. She then became Rai channel 2 Bureau Chief for Foreign Affairs.

She anchored the news and was both author and anchor for the very successful talk show, XII Round, which she syndicated In the USA as The Ring. During her years at Rai, Giovanna continued her passion for photography, making pictures of the many events she had the opportunity to witness.

She published her pictures through agencies like Outline and major Italian magazines. As a correspondent and anchor for the news, she interviewed many of the world leaders: Yasser Arafat, Tareq Aziz, Pervez Musharraf,  Sali Berisha, Fernando Herique Cardoso, Gianni Agnelli, among others, when they were at the height of their prominence. More recently, she has done a series of exhibitions connecting art and photography. Currently, she is working on a series of 6 stories about the “Forgotten People” of the world; the ones whose lives are lived without ever being heard.






In the darkest corners of the world ravaged by war, disaster and poverty, there shines a beacon of hope. Men and women from NGO Emergency redefine the power of humanity, offering a ray of light and shining the last hope to those who need it most. This is the story of these incredible souls that give their lives to improve others.

Giovanna is a Producer and Executive Producer on this feature length film




Independent 2 May 2010


Giovanna Cipriani is an Italian journalist whose work unearths the world’s “forgotten people”. Her “Garbage City in Cairo” series is showcased here over the next four weeks. “There are citadels in the centre of Cairo where 200.000 people live and the tourists don’t know anything about it” she says of the image

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Orphans in Zimbabwe


In the past 2 years I focused on the “Forgotten people of the world” trying to give them a voice. This time I need your help. Ethandweni Children home in Zimbabwe, is an orphanage that takes care of 36 young orphans. It is a hard life in Zimbabwe, even harder if you are an orphan. With your help and the money

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Mutilated by machete


Recent violence in South Sudan has captured the headlines, but just across the border, similar horrors have been visited upon a country hidden from the outside world. For ten deadly months, the Central African Republic has been ravaged by atrocities between Muslim Séléka rebels, who seized power last March, and Christian militias. Thousands have been killed and almost a million

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Giovanna defines the word humanitarian through her constant bravery and commitment to give a voice to those that deserve to be heard

Graeme Alistair Scott, Executive Producer, The Last Hope


Bill Clinton


Former US President

Hillary Clinton


Former US Secretary of State

Pervez Musharraf


Former President of Pakistan

Yasser Arafat


Former Palestinian leader

Tariq Aziz


Former Iraqi Minister





Giovanna has travelled the world reporting and shooting in the most dangerous regions, a true humanitarian, her work catalogues first hand the reality of the world in which we live. Driven to affect positive change through awareness, Giovannas work tells its own story.



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